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When your teeth seem short or worn down, there can be numerous reasons. Sometimes it is just from wear and tear, while other times it is from grinding, bruxism or clenching your teeth. It can even happen at night, and you may not even know about it. If this is caught soon enough, a nightguard or a bite guard can help prevent further tooth wear. If it has progressed, crowns can be indicated to protect the teeth, and if it has progressed to a severe point, it will require a full mouth rehabilitation to preserve your teeth and smile before it is too late.

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Dr. Nolan Andrews and the team at Main Street Implant and Family Dentistry provide worn teeth treatment to patients from the following areas:

  • Andover, Kansas
  • Augusta, Kansas
  • El Dorado, Kansas
  • Eureka, Kansas
  • Marion, Kansas
  • Towanda, Kansas
  • Wichita, Kansas
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"…The office itself is very clean and comfortable…"

Dr. Andrews and his staff are all so friendly and kind. When I was in the waiting room, I noticed that many patients were greeted by name when they walked in the door. The office itself is very clean and comfortable.

Leah O.