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Third molars are often referred to as wisdom teeth, and because they are the last teeth in the mouth to erupt, they often do not have enough room and do not grow in normally as they should. Even if a wisdom tooth comes in fully, they can be at awkward angles that prevent them from being brushed or cleaned, and they can cause issues with the teeth around them. They can shift your natural tooth alignment, even after orthodontics. If they are left impacted, they can form cysts, inflame your gums or cause damage to the jaw.

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Dr. Nolan Andrews and the team at Main Street Implant and Family Dentistry provide wisdom tooth extraction procedures for patients from the following areas:

  • Andover, Kansas
  • Augusta, Kansas
  • El Dorado, Kansas
  • Eureka, Kansas
  • Marion, Kansas
  • Towanda, Kansas
  • Wichita, Kansas
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"…The office itself is very clean and comfortable…"

Dr. Andrews and his staff are all so friendly and kind. When I was in the waiting room, I noticed that many patients were greeted by name when they walked in the door. The office itself is very clean and comfortable.

Leah O.