Our Team

Amanda Parsons

Amanda Parsons

Dental Hygienist

Industry Experience

15 Years


Registered Dental Hygienist, Wichita State University

Favorite Dental Tool

Electric Toothbrushes

"I love my patients! Seeing the same wonderful faces every six months is what makes my career so rewarding and meaningful! I am also blessed to be part of an amazing team that has become like family to me."
Get to know them
  • “I love to travel with my family. I enjoy seeing our boys react to new places and experiences!”
  • “My first job was in high school at a veterinary clinic. I got to take care of all of the animals who were boarding or recovering from procedures. Today, we have backyard hens who are like pets. They are all named, and we have had them since they were baby chicks!”
  • “People would be surprised to know that I was shy as a kid and teenager. Now I never stop talking!”