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What You Should Know

Main Street Implant and Family Dentistry utilizes one of the top dental laboratories in the nation to create the highest quality and best dental crowns to protect your teeth.

  • Types of Concerns

    Reasons to consider a dental crown are to protect after a root canal, provide an anchor for a dental bridge, complete an implant, enhance the beauty of your smile, correct slightly crooked or misshaped teeth, strengthen weakened or fractured teeth and support teeth with large fillings where there is minimal tooth structure to support it.

  • How the Procedure Works

    It is a misconception that dental crowns are not your natural teeth. When your tooth is damaged, the damaged area is removed, and the rest of the tooth is shaped to allow a crown or a cap to fit over the top to protect that tooth. The crown will match your natural teeth, so no one else will ever know the difference!

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Service Area

Dr. Nolan Andrews and the team at Main Street Implant and Family Dentistry provide dental crowns to patients from the following areas:

  • Andover, Kansas
  • Augusta, Kansas
  • El Dorado, Kansas
  • Eureka, Kansas
  • Marion, Kansas
  • Towanda, Kansas
  • Wichita, Kansas
Patient Reviews

What Our Patients Are Saying

"…Dr. Nolan is so friendly and has the best temperament, especially for a nervous child…"

Dr. Nolan is so friendly and has the best temperament, especially for a nervous child! I don’t want to forget the awesome girls at the front who are always very helpful and welcoming! Last, but not least, they have the nicest and cleanest office in town (with the best hot chocolate and coffee)!

Julia Brockway, Patient