Dental Implants

Regaining Your Confidence with Dental Implants

Aging brings upon many different aspects of life, we most likely are not accustomed to at younger ages. Part of aging can mean illnesses, wrinkling skin, and even tooth loss. Our smiles are a unique part of our traits, and losing it could mean lack of confidence. Tooth loss culprits are different for everyone, but most often than not are attributed to tooth decay or gum diseases. In other cases, chipped or crooked teeth result in an inaccurate bite that makes chewing difficult and leaves more room for plaque buildup. Fortunately for patients, dental implants are an option that can fix tooth loss and bring back confidence.

Dentures used to be the only option for teeth replacement, and dental implants were more obscure and likely never spoken about. Nowadays, dental implants are the option doctors and patients are turning to. Dental implants are secure and permanent, leaving you with a perfect bite for enjoying all of your favorite foods. Traditional dentures remain a great solution for some people, but dental implants allow for peace of mind.

With proper care of your dental implants, they can stay looking as good as new for decades to come. Unlike typical dentures, the titanium rods ensure security, acting like your teeth roots. The maintenance for implants are as simple as cleaning your teeth, keeping up with your normal oral hygiene routine. Implants require flossing and brushing at least twice a day to keep them clean and perfect.

If you are in the midst of the tooth loss process, and dental implants seem like a perfect solution for you, contact Dr. Nolan Andrews and his team. They will be able to provide you with necessary information, as well as walk you through the procedure process. When you schedule a consultation, they will be able to guide you through your specialized treatment plan. Dr. Nolan Andrews and his team of specialists are servicing the El Dorado, Kansas community, and all surrounding areas. If you are searching for your perfect dentist to take great care of all your needs, look no further than the team at Main Street Implant and Family Dentistry. Schedule your consultation for your permanent restored smile and regain your confidence!